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Check out the picture where After a couple of years of dating, Emma and Evan got engaged back in March 2014.

Unfortunately, they ended their engagement in June 2015.

The young actress of 25, Emma Roberts is re-engaged to her longtime boyfriend, Evan Peter.

The confirmation of their engagement was showed by Emma Roberts as she was spotted with an engagement ring on finger, outside a French fashion boutique “APC” in Beverly Hills a few months ago.

J is an American musician/singer, songwriter, model and actress. J was born on the 10th of April, 1991 in Wisconsin Rapids, WI, U. Their mother was a musician herself whereas the father owned a contract company! Both the sisters grew up at Seattle, Washington with family and away at Southern California with their grandparents. J began playing the piano and towards the age of 8 was already a small star in and around her home.

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Actually, Emma has allegedly dated everyone from actors to athletes, one of whom even got a tattoo for Em.

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Here's the long list of boyfriends whom Emma previously dated before getting engaged with Evan.

Amanda Joy "AJ" Michalka, better known by her stage name AJ Michalka or her nickname A. She was born in a Christian family as the youngest of two daughters to father Mark and mother Carrie.