Adult chat cd

"I was introduced to these CDs by a friend and now have 3 of the series.

This one has great songs and they spoke to me, even as an adult.

IDEAL FOR: Car trips Chat Pack™: Favorites contains 156 cards, each one featuring a question guaranteed to spark an instant conversation about one of your favorite things!

The perfect pastime for adults and kids alike, Chat Pack™: Favorites will have everyone talking and laughing in no time—just pull out a card and let the fun begin!

Children or adolescents with CD, however, engage in aggressive or antisocial behaviors that can compromise their own safety, the safety of others and the security of others' possessions.

Click here to see more information on Conduct Disorder from the National Mental Health Association.

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Since we've been introduced to it, it has become regular listening almost every time we're in the car.Enjoy our Spanish Chatbook and/or Spanish Chatbook 2 online classes complete with videos, games, word searches and online flashcards. 10 Spanish Songs, 10 English Songs, 10 Cooking Shows and 10 Sign Language, Spanish and English Vocabulary. Pull out a card and let the conversations roll—it's fantastic fun for everyone Chat Pack™ for Kids contains 156 cards, each featuring a question that’s sure to get creative juices flowing and fun conversations going.It’s positive entertainment for kids of all ages—and for the adults in their lives, too!